Aly Drummond

Aly Drummond is a female professional with a long and storied career spent at the intersection of Technology and Entertainment. She also has a beautiful family which includes her wife, two daughters, and two Australian Labradoodles.

Until recently, Aly enjoyed prominent search ranking when people googled her name because there weren’t other Aly Drummonds doing much on the Internet. However, her state of calm complacency has been a little shaken-up by the appearance of a new, and notably different, kind of Aly Drummond.

It’s important to the Aly who has built a professional career over many years that you understand which Aly Drummond is which.

This is Aly Drummond…

Aly Drummond at a film premiere

At the Hollywood premiere
for a film she produced;

Converting an old RV into a
Tiny Home during a pandemic;

Aly Drummond renovating an RV
Aly Drummond acting in Eagle and the Albatross

Acting in a movie;

Sharing extensive professional experience at a large technology company.

This is the other Aly Drummond

Now, the independent Aly Drummond with the professional career has absolutely no interest in getting all judgey about how other Alys choose to make life work best for them.

No hate/ shade here.

However, it’s important to differentiate between the two Aly Drummonds, for the sakes of both of their reputations.

For Example

Marriage As a Career Choice
Some of Aly Drummond’s friends and family are men (her Dad is a truly great guy) but she has never married one, and has absolutely no intention of doing so. Even a “high-value” one. Aside from anything else, that would almost certainly make her wife (and kids) quite upset.

Being a Submissive Wife
Aly is not a submissive wife. Neither is her wife.
Not that there’s anything wrong with that. If it’s consensual – and kids don’t see it.

Female Health & Choice
Aly believes, very much, that what happens on or in a person’s body should always be by choice. Even a female body.

Aly is not transphobic. She is, however, severly phobic towards transphobic people.

Being American
Aly Drummond is not American.
Not that there’s anything wrong with that. | contact aly